Letters from Lockdown – Jericho, Rwanda, Brooklyn

April 29, 2020

While most of the world continues to shelter-in-place, Team Snap brings you the third installment of, “Letters from Lockdown.” 



Osama Iliwat spent days in solitary confinement inside an Israeli prison during the First and Second Palestinian Intifadas. Learn how peace reached him in the midst of conflict.

Today, Osama runs a cell phone shop in Jericho, is a peace activist, and leads international tours in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. He advocates for dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians and speaks to international groups with an organization called Combatants for Peace


In the 90s, Eric Murangwa was the star goalkeeper of Rwanda’s most beloved football team, Rayon Sport. He was also a Tutsi – at the time when death squads were hunting Tutsis. Find out where – and with who – Eric took refuge.

Eric now runs a charity called Ishami Foundation, which brings people together through sport.  He’s currently raising money for vulnerable families affected by coronavirus during the genocide commemoration in Rwanda. Help him reach his goal


Estee grew up in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn where her then-husband isolated her from friends, family, and activities for nearly two decades. Hear how Estee’s spirit could not be contained by four walls. 

Today, Estee lives in Jerusalem with her eight children and recently remarried a very kind man. She teaches Zumba Extreme at the Jerusalem YMCA. Hear more of Estee’s story in the Snap archives.

Thank you, Osama, Eric, and Estee for sharing your stories with us!

Produced by Shaina Shealy, Naomi Zeveloff, Liz Mak, and Anna Sussman

Music by Renzo Gorrio, additional production by Pat Mesiti-Miller

Artwork by Sanaa Khan

Digital Producer: Marisa Dodge

Season 11 – Episode 12

Our team is working quickly to put together more pieces of advice from people all over the world – stay tuned for more. And if you have advice from a past lockdown you’d like to share with Snap Nation – reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – or email pitches@snapjudgment.org 

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