Lost In Vegas

May 5, 2023
A woman has her arms draped around a man's shoulders. They are smiling and seem happy.

The first time someone says I love you could be the same moment you never see them again… Liz and John are lost in the chaos and struggling to find their way to safety when a country music concert in Vegas becomes the site of a senseless tragedy.

This story references an incidence of mass gun violence. Know that while this story does contain trauma it is not only a story of trauma… it’s a story of love, community, caring, and hope.

A tremendous thank you to Liz Heaton for sharing her story with us.

This story was produced by Dave Nadelberg, creator of the global stage show and podcast Mortified, now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Additional production support from Joey Fischground and Zahra Noorbakhsh

The original score for this story was by Dirk Schwarzhoff

Special thanks to Neil Katcher and Jessica Lawrence

Season 14 – Episode 18

Producer Credit:
Original Score: 

Teo Ducot

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