May 11, 2018

Hear how one of Yugoslavia’s top basketball players attempts to escape the Siege of Sarajevo and don’t miss The Nocturnists late night meltdown at the morgue.

“The Choice” from the Lucky Podcast

Nada Rothbart thought she’d have plenty of time to get her family out of Sarajevo. Suddenly, it was too late.

This story originally aired on Lucky podcast, listen to part two of Nada’s story “The Choice” here.

Producer: Briana Breen

“Live At The Morguefrom The Nocturnists Podcast

What do you do when the morgue has a total meltdown. Galen Laserson tells her story live at The Nocturnist.  Its host and creator is Emily Silverman, MD, its executive producer is Ali Block, MD, and its podcast producer is Marina Poole.  The Nocturnists has its own podcast, with compelling stories from our live events, followed by an interview with the storyteller. Check it out wherever you get your podcasts.

Season 9 Episode 16

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