New Folsom from On Our Watch

February 21, 2024
A man is pictured next to a prison security tower.

Two correctional officers pay a high price for exposing corruption and abuse by their fellow officers, in the most dangerous prison in California–New Folsom. This incredible episode is from On Our Watch, an investigative podcast series from our friends at KQED.

This story touches on intense topics including substance use, state violence, and self harm. Please take care while listening. If you need support, there are resources below.

On Our Watch is a story about broken promises and unwritten rules. It’s a story about who gets hurt when the system that promises to keep us safe is bent on protecting itself. Host Sukey Lewis and co-reporter Julie Small piece together an explosive narrative through interrogation tapes, 911 audio, prison phone calls, personal audio recordings, and hours of emotional interviews. It includes exclusive analysis of hundreds of previously secret documents—some only unsealed by lawsuits brought by KQED—and sheds light on misconduct and abuse within the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

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Season 15 – Episode 8

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