Spooked – Isabelle

March 17, 2020

Betsy keeps seeing a young girl at night in her room. She stands at the end of Betsy’s bed and stares at her. She comes back, over and over: night after night; year after year. Betsy knows she wants something, but she has to figure out what. Snap Judgment Presents: Spooked. Be afraid. 

Thank you, Betsy, for sharing your story with us. Betsy is a #Spooked listener and reached out to us to share her story. If you have a frightening tale you’d like to share, email us: spooked@snapjudgment.org 

Produced by Annie Nguyen, original score by Leon Morimoto

Artwork by Sanaa Khan

A whole new season of Spooked has RISEN. The Spring season has 10 new episodes, each released weekly starting 3/13/20. There will be another 22 coming for you in the Fall. Select episodes will be available across streaming platforms but ALL will be exclusively on Luminary. Download the Luminary mobile app or go to LuminaryPodcasts.com #SpookedPod

Season 4 – Episode 1

Producer Credit:
Original Score: 

Teo Ducot

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