May 16, 2020

A son tries to make contact with his dad who’s deteriorating in the throes of dementia. And more lockdown advice from people all over the world even from the places you least expect.


Bad Uncle

When you are responsible for those, both older and younger, sometimes you wonder if you have anything left over.

Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller 

Lucky Penny

A son tries to make contact with his dad, who’s deteriorating in the throes of dementia. He makes new connections and discoveries, and as he says goodbye to his father, he is granted a long-awaited wish.

Snap Judgment presents, “Lucky Penny,“ a special spotlight on The Truth Podcast, from PRX’s Radiotopia.

Content Advisory: This episode contains strong language and drug use. Listener discretion is advised. 

Thank you to everyone at The Truth for sharing this story with us here at Snap!


David Deblinger – Adam/Father
Neil Tyrone Pritchard – Elijah
Maggie Burke – Mother
Tomoko Miyagi -Kyoko
Louis Kornfeld – Obstetrician
David Aaron Baker – Palliative Physician

Written by David Deblinger, produced by Jonathan Mitchell, original music by Fred Johnson

Associate producer: Cara Ehlenfeldt + Associate editor: Davy Gardner

This episode is based on a stage production originally directed and developed by Ben Snyder at Labyrinth Theater Company

Letters from Lockdown: Philippines, Greece, Michigan, Libya

Some stories that seem the furthest away hit closest to home. Team Snap presents more lockdown advice from around the world, even from the places you least expect. Listen to the fifth installment of “Letters from Lockdown.”


Father Picx is a Catholic priest from the Philippines. Every year he spends months alone in his hermitage, but his first experience with real solitude wasn’t on a retreat… it happened in a place called the Dragon Room.


Noah and Freya met in a refugee camp in Greece. But after they fell in love, and wanted to start a new life together, they found it wasn’t quite so easy to leave.

Watch Noah recite his poem + learn about Freya’s business.


Alison wanted to take a nice long soak and found herself trapped for days.

Special thanks to Juuni in Michigan for helping us out during the pandemic.


Rafram is a visual artist who grew up in Jerusalem and traveled to Libya 10 years ago to photograph synagogues and Jewish graveyards. Rafram says he was granted permission from the Libyan government and police, but on the last day of his visit… Rafram was kidnapped.

These days, Rafram lives in Tunis, and usually posts pictures of his culinary adventures on Instagram. But he’s currently on a social media break for 170 days, to mark 10 years since he spent 170 days in prison.

“Freedom is priceless, and real freedom is happening inside us,” he wrote in his last post.

Thank you, Father Picx, Noah, Freya, Alison, and Rafram, for sharing your stories with us!

Produced by Shaina Shealy, Naomi Zeveloff, Liz Mak, Anna Sussman, and John Fecile

Music by Renzo Gorrio, additional production by Pat Mesiti-Miller

Artwork by Sanaa Khan

Digital Producer: Marisa Dodge

Season 11 – Episode 16

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