Subterfuge – Snap Classic

March 14, 2024
A bartender and a patron are sitting at a bar. They are being photographed from a secret location.

A Chicago newspaper establishes an undercover bar to catch officials in the act of corruption. And a hardcore soccer fan from the crowd is put to the test in a game what happens next made him a legend.


Night At The Mirage

A Chicago newspaper establishes an undercover bar to catch officials in the act of corruption. They soon acquire a cast of characters looking for more than just a drink. Snap presents, “Night at The Mirage.” The story of the famous undercover Chicago Sun bar, as told by two reporters posing as bartenders.

Produced by Joe Rosenburg and Anna Sussman, original score by Leon Morimoto

The Legend Of Steve Davies

In one of soccer’s most legendary fairy tales, manager Harry Redknapp once plucked a hardcore fan from the crowd and put him to the test for West Ham United. What happens next made the fan a legend.

Thank you, Steve Davies, for sharing your story with the Snap. A special thanks to Jeff for bringing us that story.

Produced by Davey Kim

Artwork by Teo Ducot

Snap Classic – Season 15 Episode 12

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Producer Credit:
Original Score: 

Teo Ducot

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