The Klan – Snap Classic

March 6, 2020

A black detective infiltrates the ranks of the KKK, a boogie-woogie pianist seeks out the roots of racism, and a Chinese woman receives letters from a mysterious stranger. 

Flat Tire

A violent altercation from a trip a long time ago leaves Glynn wondering who his hero really was.

Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller

The Real Black Klansman

A black detective in Colorado Springs infiltrates the KKK and finds himself face-to-face with David Duke, the Grand Wizard.

Thank you, Detective Ron Stallworth for sharing your epic story with Snap. You can read more about Ron’s story in his book, Black Klansman: A Memoir.

Produced and scored by Davey Kim

The Silver Dollar Lounge

Daryl Davis is a boogie-woogie pianist who’s played with Bill Clinton, Bruce Hornsby and Chuck Berry. But we wanted to talk to him about another group of his friends…

Big thanks to Daryl Davis. Check out Daryl’s book about his experiences called “Klandestine Relationships: A Black Man’s Odyssey in the Klu Klux Klan”.

Produced by Nick van der Kolk, original score by Leon Morimoto

Pen Pals 

Storyteller and artist Christy Chan is an American-born Chinese woman.  She was confident in her identity until her family moved to a new town and she began getting letters from a mysterious, (possibly magical) stranger. 

Christy’s working on a short film about her experience, check out the trailer.

Produced by Stephanie Foo, original score by Leon Morimoto

Snap Classic – Season 8 Episode 9 

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