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July 29, 2021
The silhouette of a woman's face constructed with multiple colors and white clouds. Her eyes are shut.

The podcast The Turning from Rococo Punch and iHeartRadio tells the story of religious sisters who joined Mother Teresa’s order of nuns, but who eventually decided they had to leave. It asks, what is the line between devotion and brainwashing? Can you truly give yourself to God? If you make a lifelong vow, what does it mean to break it?

Produced by Erika Lantz, Elin Lantz Lesser, and Emily Forman. Editing by Rob Rosenthal. Digital production by Andrea Asuaje. Fact checking by Andrea López-Cruzado. Theme music by Matt Reed. Executive producers Jessica Alpert, John Perotti, and Katrina Norvell.

Find Mary Johnson’s memoir An Unquenchable Thirst here.

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Season 12 – Episode 30

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Teo Ducot

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