Tricknology – Snap Classic

May 2, 2019


“Glynn – Tithe Me Not”

Original Score and Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller


Whiteboy John & The Seven Saints

Description:  How did a kid from Harlem become the biggest heroin dealer in upstate New York, almost overnigoht?  And what would it take for him to turn his back on a mountain of cash?

Producer: Anna Sussman

Original Score and Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio


Year Zero

Description: A young man returns to Cambodia to piece together the fragments of his history that the Khmer Rouge and his family have torn apart.

Producer: Liz Mak

Original Score and Sound Design: Leon Morimoto


Joe Klocek’s The California Confederacy

Performed live by Joe Klocek

Music performed by Alex Mandell & The Snap Players


Season 8 Episode 12 

Producer Credit:
Original Score: 


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