Vote for El Hottie

May 2, 2024
A teenage Muslim girl is running for class president. Her poster says

In sweet home Alabama, from the heart of Libya, comes a renegade candidate with a boombox and a head scarf. The cheerleaders, the geeks, the dweebs and the freaks are about to send a message the country needs right after 9/11.

A very big thank you to Yasmin!

Yasmin is a comedian and storyteller. You can follow her on Instagram @yasminelhahahady or TikTok @yasmin_elhady. She first told a version of this story at Story District in Washington, DC.

Produced by Justin Kramon, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot

Season 15 – Episode 19

Producer Credit:
Original Score: 

Teo Ducot

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