We’re on a Plane

November 22, 2019

Glynn goes behind the scenes at a music festival. 300 people spend a week on a plane with Rihanna to attend seven concerts, in seven countries, over seven days. And when morale is low among a group of paratroopers, their Sergeant takes them on an unexpected trip.


Champagne on Ice 

Glynn goes behind the scenes at a music festival, and green means go.

Produced by Pat Mesiti-Miller 

Diamonds in the Sky

Fans and journalists embark on a seven-show tour with Rihanna… in seven countries, over seven days, on a Boeing 777, to celebrate her seventh album in seven years. Did we mention this happened seven years ago?

Fasten your seat belts, it’s time for liftoff… 

Special thanks to Kristen Gwynne, Lawrence Bull, and Elizabeth Nakano.

Produced by John Fecile, original score by Renzo Gorrio


Acid Jump

When morale was low among the paratroopers in his company, Sergeant Ray Christian takes them on a trip.

Check out Ray’s podcast, “What’s Ray Saying?” and follow him on Twitter @WhatsRaySaying. 

Produced by Adizah Eghan, original score by Leon Morimoto

Season 10 Episode 32

Producer Credit:
Original Score: 


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