Whip Law from The Wind

April 7, 2023
A man is using his bull-whip, snapping it. You can see the motion at the end of the whip.

The supersonic crack of a whip echoes through downtown Reno. It’s an art form to some, a concern to others, and for one person it’s the start of their search for Nando, the master whip-maker.

This episode was produced by Fil Corbitt for their podcast THE WIND. The Wind is made at a handmade desk in the Sierra Nevada. Search for The Wind wherever you listen to podcasts.

The music in this episode was written specifically for this story. The original score was composed and performed by Emily Pratt who makes music under the name Howls Road. This final song was by Yclept Insan.

You can hear Emily Pratt’s full soundtrack, plus photos of the whips, and much more at TheWind.ORG/SNAP

Thank you to Emily Pratt, Mike Corbitt, and Anjeanette Damon for advice and support on this piece.

Artwork by Teo Ducot

Season 14 – Episode 13

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Producer Credit:
Original Score: 

Teo Ducot

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