The Dirt - Snap #414

An all new Snap... "The Dirt." Secrets have power. Whether you’re keeping your own deep, dark secret or someone else’s secret is burning a hole in your pocket, they can be weighty. This week, stories about what happens when the secret slips out and the consequences that ensue.

Drop the Mic

Glynn’s thriving his freshman year in the open, honest, free space of college--until Johnny screws up everything.

Sound Design: Stephanie Foo

What Are You Wearing?

Davy Rothbart was on the road with his brother promoting his first book. They mostly slept in their van, but on this one particular night they splurged and got a room at the Motel 6 in Austin, TX. It was 3 AM, Davy was just settling in for the night, watching the game on ESPN. No one knew they were there.  Then the phone rings. It’s a woman’s voice. She wants to know what Davy is wearing...

Producer: Julia DeWitt

Last Call

As a Telephone Market Researcher, Glynn took pride in his work. And he was good at it too, until he had to find a 67 year old, Caucasian male, with at least 5 bumper stickers on his car, who daily uses an aerosol cologne and routinely feeds his cat dog food.

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

Snap Judgment Asks: What’s Your Biggest Secret?

Snap Judgment hits the streets and asks, “What’s your biggest secret?”

Sound Design: Nick van der Kolk

A Shamed Man

Joel Ben Izzy was cleaning a Jewish graveyard in Japan, when he stumbled upon the story of Chiune Sugihara--a rebellious Japanese ambassador to Lithuania.

Joel ben Izzy travels around the world telling stories, his memoir "The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness" has now been translated into fifteen languages, and you can see more at his web site,

Producer: Stephanie Foo