Fool's Gold - Snap #509

An all-NEW Snap… "Fool's Gold."  Wealth, fame, power and love all fade when the glitter is put to the test on the next Snap judgment from PRX and NPR.

Bubblegum Brothers

One man set out to prove that "soul" can be taught...

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller and Leon Morimoto

Monkey Madness

In the spring of 1968, two young brothers order a live monkey from an ad they see in a comic book. What could possibly go wrong? Tim Tate originally performed this for Speakeasy DC, a live storytelling event in Washington, DC. See "Pepe! The Mail Order Monkey Musical" here.

Producer: Julia Botero

Sound Design: Pat Mesiti-Miller and Leon Morimoto


Los Pelayos Beat The Wheel

Gonzalo Pelayo is a man on a mission to beat the wheel in the game of roulette in all the casinos of the world.   But will his mission take him down?

Producer: Nancy Lopez

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

Voice Translation: Martin Aguilera

You Light Up My Life

A young Scott Sanders snares the girl of his dreams in Paris, only to lose her to some old rich guy in New York. But his inner pain is amplified by the power of a thousand suns when that rich guy pens a hit love song... about the girl of his dreams.

Scott Sanders is an actor, a writer, and you can hear him at live storytelling events like Porchlight, the Moth and Fireside.

Producer: Julia DeWitt and Mark Ristich

Sound Design: Davey Kim