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Your daddy is a bank robber, the world is on fire, and grandma’s last dress is in stitches. There’s got to be some way out of this... Chasing the Rainbow.


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Run for It – Snap Classic

Run for It – Snap Classic

A woman’s life changes forever when she decides to tell a secret that she’s kept for 23 years. The first all-woman race car driving team in the Middle East is forced to find the center of gravity on and off the track. And a young boy makes waves in his family.
The Final Reckoning

The Final Reckoning

Jen is about to start an internship at a museum. But this isn’t a typical museum… it’s built inside two old, historic mansions. By this time, the original owners of these two old homes are long gone–or are they? And a night nurse dedicated to his job loves to help people. But when spirits of former patients reach out to him, he’s not sure if he can care for them.
My Elephant Friend

My Elephant Friend

Carol dreamt of being the best elephant trainer in the world. When Carol met Tarra, a baby Asian elephant, she fell in love and wanted to teach her everything. As their friendship grew, Tarra became Carol's most important teacher.
Hair Battle – Snap Classic

Hair Battle – Snap Classic

Four hairstylists compete to win the Bronner Bros Hair Battle, a one-of-a-kind hairstyling showdown. Winning this competition doesn't just represent a feather in one's cap, it's a stepping stone to getting celebrity clients. Big hair. Big personalities.

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