Impossible Weight

May 12, 2022
A man in a hospital bed is bench pressing an impossible weight.

When no one can hear you and nobody sees you anymore, how do you tell the world you are still there? One man’s impossible journey back to the world that forgot him.

This story contains descriptions of drug use, medical situations, and adult language. Sensitive listeners, please be advised.

Thank you, Jake, so very much, for sharing your story with Snap.

Jacob Haendel is writing a book about his experiences and documents his recovery on his YouTube channel and website. He recently started Access, an app to help people with disabilities more confidently get around.

Producer: James Reddick

Editorial & production support: John Fecile

Original Score: Renzo Gorrio

Special thanks: Nikka Singh

Artwork: Teo Ducot

Season 13 – Episode 22

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Original Score: 

Teo Ducot

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