My Mother Made Me from Radiotopia Presents

July 28, 2022
A mother and her son are embracing in a film photograph.

Isabell is Jason’s mother. She raised him to be ambitious and selfless, which means she’s also raised him to be… overwhelmed. With life. But not to worry, Jason’s mom also knows exactly what to say to pull him out of a rut, which she does every Sunday, when Jason rolls up to her house for their weekly visit.

Thank you Jason, Isabell, and our Radiotopia Presents fam for sharing this story with the Snap!

This is Episode 1, “I Can Do Anything,” from, My Mother Made Me, a four-part series from Radiotopia Presents where writer Jason Reynolds and his mother, Isabell, explore their shared history, how she raised him, and what they’re teaching each other. It’s a love letter to their connection, an homage to parent-child friendship, and a testament to how growth can be perpetual, despite age or circumstance. Across four episodes, Jason and Isabell go deep – into birth, death and spirituality… but they also keep it light: pushing a cart through Costco, birthday lunches, and hitting the casino together. That’s just how they do.

My Mother Made Me is written and narrated by Jason Reynolds with his mother, Isabell Reynolds. The series is produced by Mark Pagán and edited by Julie Shapiro, with production support from Yooree Losordo. Julie Shapiro and Audrey Mardavich are Executive Producers for Radiotopia Presents. Special thanks to Levar Burton. Cover art by Jason Griffin. Theme song by Christian Reynolds. Mixing, sound design and additional original music is by Ian Coss. This episode was recorded at Snap Power Station, WAMU.

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Jason Griffin

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