As I layed looking up to the street lamp in the middle of a parking lot. Bleeding from my chest, from the gun shot feeling no pain..... I asked myself, "maybe I should stay still Until someone comes to help!" Then reality set in, and realized, I was in the middle of a parkinglot in a bad nighborhood. No one was comming. But before I moved, I had to make sure the robbers had left because I knew if they saw me, they where going to shoot me again. Still was the move after 2 mins of not doing anything, I start to loose my breath. Breathing starts to get harder, and harder as every second goes by. Now I know it's time to get up and do somthing. "Not like this" I say to myself. So I get up, and knock on the girl's apartments door I just came from.... (Time is of the essenicess now, and every milla second seems like eternity) No answer... So knock harder,as I'm knocking the door opens. I have my hand over my chest to keep the blood from comming out. " I just got shot" I tell her. She laughts and is about to say somthing slick before she dose I take my hand off my chest and the blood skwirts in a line all over the floor. "OH MY GOD!" she screams. I stumble in and drop to the tile floor face up. "WHAT THE FUCK!" at the top of her lungs. She tells her friend to take the baby in the room.   


There is alot more to this story TRUST ME if your intrested I will be happy to tell the rest..

my name is Christian-Mark David Jonathan Alexander