The Cut - Snap #932

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Snap Presents: Heaven's Gate

It was both a tragedy and a punchline. The story behind a cult that changed the world. Snap Presents "Heaven's Gate".


In this age of fake news,  there is a lie, there's a damn lie, and there's a Facebook or Instagram post.  On the next Snap Judgment, "Preposterous."

Personal Jesus

On the next Snap..."Personal Jesus." Reach out and touch faith. Amazing stories of people searching for their own salvation.

This Is Not A Drill

On the first episode of our 10th season, Snap goes full nuclear...


The Look Back 2018 Special

Coming to terms… with events that have happened, but that you don’t want to believe.

Snap Spotlight: Ear Hustle's The Big No No

Snap Judgment spotlights the amazing podcast Ear Hustle: The Big No No, stories from San Quentin State Prison.

The Cut

On the next all-NEW Snap Judgment, we're dancing on the razor's edge. We proudly present "The Cut."​

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